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Libra Horoscope (September 23 to October 22)
October 12222

What Aries season means for you career , based on your zodiac sign, is cosmic information that will help guide us through the rest of the year. This year began strong, with super moon after super moon — it was a mood.

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Everyone, it seemed, declared that this would be their year. This would be an all-in kind of year where self-care, wellness and speaking up took precedence.

Sun enters Scorpio

With Aries season falling in close proximity to the Libra super moon — also on Mar. Forever Conscious reported, "This Libra Full Moon represents a huge point of release, and will be guiding us to really purge and let go of the year passed. Aries brings the heat to the year ahead. As with any new year occasion, it's a prime time to set intentions.

A ram isn't known to back down and during Aries season , all zodiac signs might want to look over their resume and revamp it. It's your season, Aries, so soak up the birthday energy. Being the first sign of the zodiac, you're not shy about leading the charge. And Aries season certainly leads a cosmic charge for your career. The full moon in Libra might be to thank for that. AstroStyle writes, "From romantic relationships that ripen to official status to business contracts that get signed, sealed and delivered, these two Libra full moons propel you to commit —or at the very least, to take a hard look at the state of your unions.

AstroStyle recommends after Mercury turns direct on Mar.

click here If things feel heated in your career life, Aries season could make it feel like your bull is clashing with the ram. But breathe easy, Taurus! The full moon at the start of Aries season may illuminate the mess that's making you irritated.

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There is an end to all the clashing. AstroStyle writes, "Is there a habit that you really need to kick or a messy part of your life that needs a cleanup? No shame, Taurus: Just get in there and address it with a cool and objective head. Peace, love, and harmony is the Libra M. Libra people are the perfect partners for a social justice project, interior design masterpiece, or even just a peaceful day picnicking in the park and strolling around the town. Some Libras can be reserved and formal at first.

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They can accurately see both sides to a situation, and often resolve disputes in an equitable way for all involved. These Librans use their natural charms and good looks to manipulate others into taking care of them or doing their bidding.

Hayes, Chester A. Arthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, F. Take concrete steps to build a nest egg and pay off debt.

Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Unpredictable Uranus rocks your eighth house of windfalls, property and joint ventures for the next seven years, so merging your superpowers with a superpartner might just yield an unexpected payoff. Self-care is the order of the day, as planets cluster in your fourth house of emotional foundations and nurturing.

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Keep your tank full by eating nourishing foods and getting all the support you need. With jovial Jupiter in your friendly third house until December, your social life is on fire!

Libra Decan 2 Horoscope

Astrostyle says that after October, you're going to be craving freedom, and looking for the feeling of independence. Venus retrograde could cause trouble in your relationships by making you rethink your partner and arrangement. You won't need any excuses to get glammed up during this cycle, which lasts until November 1. Your September Monthly Horoscope. Scorpio Oct Nov Although Libras may seem cool, calm and collected, they can be very playful and romantic when they relax.

New friends from different backgrounds and walks of life could open your mind to inspiring viewpoints. A profusion of planets in Capricorn and your domestic zone could revolutionize your family ties, helping you establish clear boundaries or make important decisions around real estate, children or putting down roots. Never miss a star-powered moment again! Order a book for just your sign or the complete Horoscope Guide with forecasts for all 12 signs!